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I have put in alphabetic order responses to:

Can I invite you to send either to ukpoetry.info, as a comment on this blog [modernpoetryorguk] or to peter@greatworks.org.uk your list of the books/ebooks published in the last 5 years (since January 1, 2006) which have meant most to you (take that as you choose!) in connection with that diverse and fuzzy thing we call Innovative British Poetry. Say up to ten or so titles (+ author, publisher, date). In the interests of probity — not written or published by you.

I've put in links where possible to books or publishers — but note some books are out-of-print, and others from rather elusive publishers. And, please, send me your list to any of the above online places.

Tim Atkins 8 August 2011

matt martin 21 September 2011

Richard Price 11 August 2011

Francesca Lisette 16 September 2011

Steve Willey 18 August 2011

Barry Schwabsky 6 October 2011

Tim Atkins, Folklore (Salt, 2008) Sean Bonney, Baudelaire in English (Veer Books, 2008) Amy De'Ath, Erec & Enide (Salt, 2010) Simon Smith, Reverdy Road (Salt, 2003); Mercury (Salt, 2006) Keston Sutherland, Hot White Andy (Barque, 2008)

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