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Well, here we are. A revised and uptodate (May 28, 2018, rerevised September 20) list of sites relevant to British (& Irish: we are inseparable) Innovative Poetry, presented here in a beta version. Ie I'm sure there are innumerable omissions, errors and distortions. Please tell me of them, eg by email to peter@greatworks.org.uk, or any other email address of mine, via FaceBook, facetoface, mail, anything.

This page contains lists of "resources, lists and other foci of information", "British & Irish online magazines, e-publishers and other assemblages of writing" and "writers' homepages, blogs etc". Additional lists are now on Links to British Innovative Poetry Sites (2018). After about a month, I'll redo modernpoetry.org.uk, put the individual lists on separate webpages, and consign all else to The Archive (still accessible, but I'm warning you it's past its sell-by date.) I will mark all future additions and emendations to these lists.

I'll repeat what is on the old equivalent page: Users are reminded the site is under a Creative Commons license for its non-commercial sharing, so if anything is useful it can be reused & carried on elsewhere. The domain name is a good one; if anyone wishes to carry on its use for a similar purpose, email me to discuss your plans, and I'll simply arrange transfer. It's your turn. And some way of acting as a clearing-house for events too will be needed.

resources, lists and other foci of information

3:AM Magazine Maintenant Interviews

A useful resource for British poets is the astonishing series of 80+ Maintenant Interviews on 3:AM Magazine by SJ Fowler – interviews with (translated) poems by contemporary European poets, slewed interestingly away from the familiar to cover a wide range of states and cultures, (even Britain and Ireland, including Tom Jenks and Holly Pester), ending in May, 2015 with Rhys Trimble. Read it! Use it! Crush Little-Englandism now! Look out too for events curated by the indefatigable Mr Fowler, often at Rich Mix.

A-Gender: Living Published Women Poets in the UK

page each with publications etc

The Archive of the Now: The source for British innovative poetry

vast compendium of British innovative poets reading, now being updated, started by Andrea Brady, and housed by Queen Mary University of London

Arduity: clarifying difficult poetry

John Armstrong's blog wrestles wonderfully with this


this huge internationally based site claims to be "the premier site for world literature in translation", and may well be — editor-in-chief Lee Yeow Leong, poetry editor Aditi Machado

British & Irish Poets

NewsList emphasising BIP

Book Arts

University of the West of England website acting as a hub and resource base for the culture of artists' books

British Poetry Revival

a good starting point, a Wikipedia entry, drafted by the Irish poet Billy Mills NB many articles, of varying value, on (or even by) various BIPs on Wikipedia

Contemporary Performance Network

"a social media/community organizing network"

Contemporary Poetics Research Centre Birkbeck

webpage a little neglected at present, but a vital focus for events and responses; note that the site now hosts Innovative Poetry Readings in London

The Contemporary Small Press

"based in the Department of English, Linguistics, and Cultural Studies at the University of Westminster, and hosted by the Institute of Modern and Contemporary Culture. Run by Dr Leigh Wilson and Dr Georgina Colby, the project and the site seek to provide a forum for contemporary small publishers of poetry and fiction." And has quite full online listing of presses at https://thecontemporarysmallpress.com/small-presses/

Electronic Literature Organization

"the international organization dedicated to the investigation of literature produced for the digital medium." US-based, but includes British material, in its archives, directory and collection


"an artists' moving image project founded by British artist Alastair Cook in 2010, committed to delivering education and community projects as well as promoting the work of poets, filmmakers and composers"

Free Word: Words Change Lives

organisation "exploring the political and cultural power of words", with all that means

Generative Constraints

"a committee that practises open-ended collaborative research into art, politics, and theory. We experiment with processes and structures of criticism, performance, poetics, and writing. Our activities include organising conferences and public dialogues, teaching, making original creative works, as well as digital publishing and exhibition curation. Committee Members: Diana Damian Martin, Kate Potts, Nisha Ramayya, Nik Wakefield, Eley Williams" also useful is their Facebook page

Glasfryn Project

"both a website and a hub of literary/artistic activity centred around Glasfryn, a house in rural Llangattock, Powys. The website now features information and reports on events, a press, and a magazine called Junction Box." Amazing creative activities, set up by Lyndon Davies, Graham Hartill and Penny Hallas!

How2 — Contemporary Innovative Writing by Women

2006: crucial in giving a coherent shared platform to women innovative poets, set up by Kathleen Fraser — well worth investigating

I Don't Call Myself a Poet: Interviews with Contemporary Poets Living & Working in Britain

interviews with a large number of poets by Sophie Mayer & her students mainly in 2012

if p then q

masses of marvellous material on James Davies' publishing site

Intercapillary Space

"a rolling poetry zine with an emphasis on criticism and review culture. It's currently edited by Edmund Hardy and Michael Peverett." And contains fascinating material

The International Dada Archive at University of Iowa

Yep. That's what it is. Match yourself to what they did, oh would-be innovator or avant-gardista


is quite but not totally US-focused; but try original Jacket archive (1997–2010), founded and edited by John Tranter: accessible from the bottom of the homepage, much brilliant British, Australian, Canadian and American material that helped build up contemporary innovative poetry

Journal of British and Irish Innovative Poetry

"journal centres on the poetic writings that have appeared in Britain and Ireland since the late 1950s under various categorizations: for example avant-garde, underground, linguistically innovative, second-wave Modernist, non-mainstream, the British Poetry Revival, the parallel tradition, formally innovative, neo-modernist and experimental, while also including the Cambridge School, the London School, concrete poetry, and performance writing. All of these terms have been variously adopted and contested by anthologies such as Children of Albion (1969), A Various Art (1987), The New British Poetry (1988), Floating Capital (1991), Conductors of Chaos (1996), Out of Everywhere (1996), Foil (2000), Anthology of British and Irish Poetry (2001) and Vanishing Points (2004)." Editors are Scott Thurston and Gareth Farmer

Listening across Disciplines

network project which brings together artists, musicians, scientists, technologists and social scientists as well as scholars and practitioners from the humanities to work across disciplinary boundaries on the recently emerging focus on sound and listening.

Little Magazines Project

database listing basic details & locations of copies of a wide range of post-1945 small press magazines

Lollipop: List of Little Press Publications

July 2016 —but you may find it useful; inaugurated by Bill Griffiths, Bob Trubshaw and Peter Finch, most recently in hands of Peter Manson

#MeToo: A Poetry Collective

edited by Emily Critchley and Elizabeth-Jane Burnett: "we asked as many women-identified poets as we could (in a short amount of time) if they had anything to contribute on any of the subjects raised by #MeToo" – members of the British and American innovative poetry community

Militant Poetics

November 2013 "The purpose of this Forum is to take forward the discussions that took place in London at the Militant Politics and Poetry Conference (18 May 2013), by disseminating the papers and discussions that were shared on the day, and by publishing subsequent contributions and comments." A crucial turn in this decade's poetry

Modern Poetry in Translationn

modern poetry in translation — can you live without any?

The Modernist Journals Project: "modernism began in the magazines"

"digital editions of culturally significant magazines from around the early 20th century" — the period of the birth of "Modern Poetry" (1890–1922; American-based but with much British material)

Modernist Magazines Project

similar digital presentation of British little magazines 1880–1945

The National Poetry Library

Oh, this is a good online place: and do visit the actual physical place! Many useful listings on its website, including master listing of poetry events. Chris McCabe is The Librarian, Lorraine Mariner & Pascal O'Loughlin The Assistants. Bless them all and everyone!

The Other Room: Experimental Poetry in Manchester

vital, repeat, vital, source of info on poetry events, organised by James Davies, Tom Jenks and Scott Thurston, and centred especially on Northern (and Welsh & down to Bristol) networks — but just ended!!

penned in the margins

Tom Chivers' major and active poetry press and event organiser

Pinko.Org — Andrew Duncan's website

maybe mainly historical interest, but Andrew Duncan's active engagement with a breadth of innovative poetries is unparalleled - this is source material for his books

The PIP (Project for Innovative Poetry) Blog

"The PIP (Project for Innovative Poetry) was created by Green Integer and its publisher, Douglas Messerli, in 2000. The Project publishes regular anthologies of major international poets and actively archives biographies of poets and listings of their titles." Quite USA-centric, but, well, an heroic project

Poet Tips

crowd-sourced listing of pets matching them "If You Like: You Might Also Like . . ." With links to sources of info (Wikipedia) & a bibliography (WorldCat) and little diagrams linking poets (artefacts of its compilation process rather than actual connections). Could be obsessive, might be useful.

Poetryetc: poetry and poetics

poetry newslist

Poetry and/or Revolution

January 2014: blog for October 2013 dialogue between East Bay & UK militant poets following on from 2012–3 Birkbeck poetry and politics conferences

Poetry Foundation

long established & stinking rich American poetry organisation, publishers of the famous Poetry magazine of Chicago — most useful bit their extensive list of poets (including many of interest), with details, poems etc at https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poets

Poetry International Web

vast and growing source of information and texts on living poets worldwide, including UK, with a genuinely representative selection (140 poets!) from amongst us all


"Poetry Library's free access non-profit-making online archive of English 20th and 21st century poetry magazines"

poetry p f

a membership organisation for poets, with several interesting writers involved

The Poetry Translation Centre

"gives the best poems from Africa, Asia and Latin America a new life in the English language, working with diaspora communities for whom poetry is of great importance." through collaborative open workshops; founded by Sarah Maguire

The Poets on Twitter

Thank you @Jo Lindsay Walton — just the job!

Prifysgol Y Treiglo — The Peripatetic University

"A repositary of online workshop tutorials. We invite multidisciplinary collaboration, writing experiments and teaching between poets, text artists and interested others." Just started. Bless you, Rhys Trimble

Race & Poetry & Poetics in the UK

a crucial issue for us to engage with, coming from a conference in 2016 & Poetry Library event in 2017, and a conference forthcoming this year

Royal Holloway Poetics Research Centre

list staff & activities

SALON —LONDON: Reading and responding to the present through women's experimental writing

hosts across London an ongoing series of events, moving through various artistic, private, and cultural spaces, and is led by Georgina Colby and Susan Rudy

The Scottish Poetry Library

Like the one down South but for Scotland and with a more stylish website

Seven Art Writers

Natasha Vicars, Mary Paterson, Tamarin Norwood, Sally Labern, Eddy Dreadnought, Tiffany Charrington and Joanna Brown

SoundFjord: a nomadic space dedicated to art that is curious of ear

Helen Frosi's "itinerant space dedicated to the curation, production and promotion of exceptional sound art and related practices to a broad audience"

Sudden Prose: Prose Poetry and Short-Short Stories

a blog by Carrie Etter collecting such things

UbuWeb: All avant-garde. All the time.

Hugest thing ever! Publisher is Kenneth Goldsmith (makes up for a lot), with Craig Dworkin, Jerome Rothenberg, Danny Snelson & Brian Kim Stefans among the editorial staff

UK Web Archive

British Library's collection of archived websites

Vital Signs: movement, poetry & the writing body

"explores the creative possibilities of poetry and movement in contemporary performance. The project builds on long-standing collaboration between Scott Thurston (poet) and Sarie Mairs Slee (choreographer) and supports the creation of new transdisciplinary art work." + a festival and a blog.

we love your books

Melanie Bush and Emma Powell have produced an online book arts exhibition

West House Books

Alan Halsey & Geraldine Monk's magnificent operation includes a major second-hand booklist of 20th/21st century British and American poetry, distribution for several small presses in this country and beyond, & their current publishing as Gargoyle, plus information on past West House titles, and their own delightful and highly significant poetic and graphic work

Write Out Loud; encouraging poetry performance

"Write Out Loud is a national (indeed, international) hub for participation in poetry, encouraging everyone who writes poetry – from still-too-nervous-to-do-open-mic to Nobel Prize winner – to share their words with others." Includes gig guide and much else


British & Irish online magazines, e-publishers and other assemblages of writing

3:AM Magazine: Whatever It Is, We're Against It

very large, successful and high status online cultural magazine, looking to contemporary Europe, to a grungy beat USA, and to British Bohemia, in a likeable and quirky late modernist (and post-) literary mix, with a good poetry section edited by SJ Fowler

adjacent pineapple

"online spaces for writing, discussion and performance. based in glasgow, scotland and spaces of dissension where contradiction doesn't melt. 1 edited by colin herd and guest editors"


"publishes autonomous narrative units which are updated with new content on a regular basis. We're looking for idiosyncratic, innovative works; prose, poetry, visual and sound Narratives, or hybrid Narratives that include sound, image, text." Athens-based, edited by Dimitra Ioannou

 Ahadada Books

"Fine books in limited editions" from Jesse Glass is at present without its own site, but the Archive-It site will in the interim present you with its downloaded material, including the the ezine Ekleksographia, and Ahadada's Small Press Distribution pages will sell you its many print texts. An excellent publisher of varied and interesting material, USA-based, but with a lively and intelligent interest in British poets.

Alice Notley's Magazines

A Digital Publishing Project, which seeks to make available fully searchable facsimile PDF editions of the magazines edited by poet Alice Notley. The project currently includes the complete runs of Scarlet (1990–1991) and Gare du Nord (1997–1999), both co-edited with Douglas Oliver. Notley's Chicago, a legal-size mimeograph magazine published from 1972–1974 in Chicago and Wivenhoe in Essex, England, will be added to the collection in the near future. Digital re-publisher: Nick Sturm

The Argotist Online

Jeffrey Side's long-established ezine has many valuable articles and interviews — with poetry published as ebooks

ASLE-UKI & Land2 Conference 2017: Cross Multi Inter Trans: Biennial Conference of the Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment (UK and Ireland)

some interesting examples of ecopoetic practice on this site

August 1, 2013

August 2013 "On July 1st I invited a number of poets whose work I admire to contribute one of their poems to what would be a one-off online publication to go "live" on August 1st. I also asked them to pass on the same invitation to a poet or poets they knew and admired." Martin Stannard

Beard of Bees

Eric Elstain's long-established US ezine has a fair and varied contingent of British poets

Black Box Manifold

"an online forum with a slant towards innovative poetry that has prose, narrative, or sequences in its sights" edited by Alex Houen and Adam Piette

Blart: A Magazine for Innovative Poetry

August? 2016 edited by Lucy Harvest Clarke & Stephen Emmerson, with exciting material

The Bow-Wow Shop: a poetry emporium

Michael Glover's amusing magazine has some very fine writing amidst the waggery


is a print and online journal for music politics and poetics. The editorial collective is: Paul Abbott, Gabriel Humberstone, Cara Tolmie, Christina Chalmers, Anthony Iles and Larne Abse Gogarty. Online material includes Sean Bonney on harmony.


poetry press: very cool but intermittent

Cordite Poetry Review

excellent large Australian ezine with consistently some British representation, Managing Editor Kent MacCarter

ctrl+alt+del: a contemporary poetry foldable/printable ezine

so packed by Rhys Trimble into 2 sides of A4, that you can print & fold it yourself

Culture Matters

"a collective of writers and activists who have come together to provide webspace and editorial and technical support for a 'broad left' cultural struggle for a better society." With some poems on the "Arts Hub" (managing editor Mike Quille)


"an experimental poetry journal." And an elegant and tasty one too, edited & designed by Dominic Hale, Katy Lewis Hood, Jonathan Coward and Figgy Guyver

The Curly Mind: linguistically innovative poetry weird & risky

Reuben Woolley's blogzine

Damn the Caesars: At home with itself in its otherness

Richard Owens' amazing blog, heavily involved in US radical poetry scene, also publishes much important radical British material though


crucial online magazine edited by Nell Perry and Juha Virtanen

Dispatches from the Poetry Wars

edited by Michael Boughn and Kent Johnson follows minutely USA post-avant poetry & politics, in, umm, a lively fashion, but does include interest in British innovative poetry

ditch, where you find poetry that's off the main road.

2014 "Celebrating the innovative, the non-conforming, the radical, the alternative, the avant-garde, the non-linear, the abstract, the experimental." Very interesting stuff from Canada, with some British representation

Delirious Hem

December 2015 archive of USA-based Pussipo, "a high-octane collective of 160 women poets who view poetry as an act of skilled knife-throwing" set up 2006, and including British poets

Dusie: e-chap : chapchap : & bookbook : reviews

present vehicle for Susana Gardner's glorious Dusie Press activities as editor/curator/encourager

Echo Magazine

downloadable ezine from the Reverb readings team


"Eclipse is a free on-line archive focusing on digital facsimiles of the most radical small-press writing from the last quarter century. Eclipse also publishes carefully selected new works of book-length conceptual unity" Craig Dworkin is Senior Editor; very little British writing, but wondrous selection of Language, post-Language, and Black Radical writers


"an exercise in asymmetrical publishing, and is a shoe (or even two!) thrown at the spotlit shrug and yawn." is Jesse Glass's Ahadada Books ezine, fully available archived 2009


Gregory St Vincent Thomasino's "E·ratio has been online for fifteen years and has consistently presented a diversity of new, first-time and emerging writers alongside some of the most recognized writers of our time", many British

Erotoplasty: epipoetry, etc

straight-to-PDF zine of epipoetry, etc, edited by Colin Lee Marshall, I think from South Korea

European Union of Imaginary Authors (EUOIA): If the right poets for the times don't exist, then they have to be invented.

"Working in collaboration with a team of real writers, Robert Sheppard has created a lively and entertaining anthology of fictional European poets"

The Fortnightly Review

Unbelievably rich and well-stuffed online cultural magazine — "The object of THE FORTNIGHTLY REVIEW is to become the organ of the unbiassed expression of many and various minds on topics of general interest in Politics, Literature, Philosophy, Science, and Art." With Peter Riley as Poetry Editor, very fine poetry contributions, and his wide-ranging and challenging reviews (though the claimed Victorian ancestry can at times shine morbidly through the whole production)

Free Verse: A Journal of Contemporary Poetry and Poetics

electronic journal edited by Jon Thompson from the USA has some excellent material, some from British poets

Gists and Piths: thoughts of sorts

edited by George Ttoouli and Simon Turner is an interesting and worthwhile blogzine, with good poems and other relevant postings

Glossator: Practice and Theory of the Commentary

2015 (though two more issues projected), edited by Nicola Masciandaro out of USA, but with co-editors including Ryan Dobran, consists concentrated close reading of a wide range of material, including an issue on J H Prynne (and a piece additionally by Prynne)

Great Works

big old thing, with a wide range of material ranging from hardcore mawkishness to sheer breath-taking, not well kept up, but a little life present still. Peter Philpott, proprietor


"is an experimental, contemporary literary magazine that welcomes work in all shapes and sizes. The riskier the better. It was founded, initially in print, in 2017 and is edited by Nathan Hassall and Gemma Jackson." Issue 2 online also.


July, 2011 "an anthology of poems and songs written by over 50 poets celebrating and exploring the contemporary resonances of medicinal plants and herbs for the Urban Physic Garden", edited by James Wilkes (with videos of poets reading), and still a good representative anthology

Hix Eros: Poetry Review

"edited by Jo Lindsay Walton & Joe Luna, with assistance from Jordan Savage and Robbie Dawson." Mainly online; all reviews.


"a magazine for new approaches to Fiction, Non-Fiction & Poetry" print & online; "Hotel are Jon Auman; Thomas Chadwick; Dominic Jaeckle"

How2 — Contemporary Innovative Writing by Women

2006: crucial in giving a coherent shared platform to women innovative poets, set up by Kathleen Fraser — well worth investigating

I am not a silent poet: A magazine for poetry and artwork protesting against abuse in any of its forms

edited by Natalia Spencer and Reuben Woolley

if p then q

masses of marvellous material on James Davies' excellent publishing site

Infinite Editions

May 2016 "provides poetry postcards for free download and printing" Andrew Spragg's venture

the institute of electric crinolines: art. poetics. life. concept. noise. performance.

a whole range of things interesting Drew Milne and Redell Olsen

Intercapillary Space

"a rolling poetry zine with an emphasis on criticism and review culture. It's currently edited by Edmund Hardy and Michael Peverett." And contains fascinating material


is quite but not totally US-focused; but try original Jacket archive (1997–2010), founded and edited by John Tranter: accessible from the bottom of the homepage, much brilliant British, Australian, Canadian and American material that helped build up contemporary innovative poetry

Joglars: crossmedia beliefware

September 2016 "collaborative works by mIEKAL aND and others" including Elizabeth James

Journal of British and Irish Innovative Poetry

"journal centres on the poetic writings that have appeared in Britain and Ireland since the late 1950s under various categorizations: for example avant-garde, underground, linguistically innovative, second-wave Modernist, non-mainstream, the British Poetry Revival, the parallel tradition, formally innovative, neo-modernist and experimental, while also including the Cambridge School, the London School, concrete poetry, and performance writing. All of these terms have been variously adopted and contested by anthologies such as Children of Albion (1969), A Various Art (1987), The New British Poetry (1988), Floating Capital (1991), Conductors of Chaos (1996), Out of Everywhere (1996), Foil (2000), Anthology of British and Irish Poetry (2001) and Vanishing Points (2004)." Editors are Scott Thurston and Gareth Farmer

Junction Box

Glasfryn Project's irregularly produced online magazine

Jungftak; a journal of poetry-prose-poetry

supervised by Eley Williams

Kater Murr's Press

2013 David Miller's highly informed small-scale publishing, with many examples online

The Kootenay School of Writing

is a writer-run centre in Vancouver, with a very exciting policy and series of activities, and the site includes text and recordings from several excellent British poets

The Licentiam: hyper-erotic poetics

well, it takes all sorts . . . blogzine from Jonathan Mulcahy-King


"a magazine of contemporary poetry, which includes essays, reviews and visual art" edited by Alan Baker

Longbarrow Press

Brian Lewis's press ("The ethos governing the output of the press is that the poem should dictate the format of publication. The resulting objects — matchboxes, acetates, maps — allow poet and publisher to explore alternatives to the book without resorting to gimmickry") has a whole mass of material on it about the varied publications and beyond


fascinating tumblr blog of mainly visual poetry, edited by Andrew Taylor

Magma Poetry

"The poetry magazine with a different editor every issue" can be very interesting; all sorts of things online except poems

The Mechanics' Institute Review

annual Birkbeck MA Creative Writing anthology extended into online & readings — poetry editor: Stephen Willey

Molly Bloom

Aidan Semmens' excellent online magazine of high quality poetry

Mute: We gladly feast on those who would subdue us

the odd clearly poetic element, but much of its political/social/cultural material directly relevant to the politics of much of the Innovative poetry community (or if it isn't, it ought)

New Boots and Pantisocracies: 100 days of poetry for the austere generation

edited by W N Herbert & Andy Jackson, gloriously

ninerrors: poetry series

October 2014 Linus Slug/Mendoza's blog compiling and presenting niners, formally 9-centric poems

NOON: Journal of the Short Poem

"aims to put some of the most interesting English-language haiku in conversation with other innovative short poetry" edited by Philip Rowland

Nudging meteors

coming from work produced at a residency by gobscure (aka sean burn) at the Mental Health Museum, Wakefield, includes excellent visual poetry


June 2013 Tim Atkins' wonderful online magazine

P.F.S. Post: Maximum Post-Avant

Adam Fieled's US-based blogzine has a fair British component

Painted, Spoken

Richard Price's occasional and very interesting paper magazine presented as pdfs

Pars Foundation: Atlas of Creativity

"Pars is an independent initiative that views the arts and sciences as essentially creative processes borne out of sheer curiosity. It collects the findings — such as architectural sketches, articles, music scores, research data, journal excerpts — of renowned and emerging artists and scientists who shape the way we perceive the world." Founded & directed by Hester Aardse and Astrid Alben, including many poets — with much material viewable online

past simple

edited by Jim Goar (mainly) is largely American, but with a good British presence in a stylish & amusing online magazine

The Penniless Press

interesting stuff — starting with an online version of material from Alan Dent's magazine of 1996–2010, with texts from figures such as Jim Burns, Alan Dent, Adrian Mitchell, Gael Turnbull, with other fascinating material added: a rich and unexpected mix at this point of time

Prac Crit

"an online journal of poetry and criticism, dedicated to reading contemporary poems up close. Three times a year, we publish an edition of essays, interviews and reflections from poets, along with our rolling features." Edited by Sarah Howe, Vidyan Ravinthiran & Dai George

Proletarian Poetry: Poetry of Working Class Lives

Peter Raynard's online magazine does what it says

poems in which

May 2017 online magazine, many whose poems begin thus, edited by edited by Rebecca Perry, Alex MacDonald, Amy Key, Wayne Holloway-Smith


edited by Ricky Ray, "an ecology, literature and arts journal operating out of several parts of the world as a movement of the Earth" has a quite varied British contribution

the Recusant

Alan Morrison's radical (Left Unity) literary webzine, offering "oppositional poetry, prose, polemic" across a wide terrain — good stuff!

Readings: Response and Reactions to Poetries

2016 material from Birkbeck Contemporary Poetics Research Centre

Red Ceilings

Mark Cobley's splendid blogzine; "We submissions of poetry for our chapbooks and blog. We like innovative, experimental and avant-garde work in particular. If it makes us smile with pleasure then it's sure to get published."

ronin press

Owen Calvert & Chris Vaughan's paper publishing (2009–2017) online

Sabotage: Reviews of the Ephemeral

"Sabotage Reviews was founded in 2010 by Claire Trévien to provide dynamic commentary and reviews of small-scale and ephemeral literature that might not otherwise receive such critical and public attention. The focus is on independent, small-budget literature; poetry pamphlets, short stories and live performance (particularly open mic events and spoken word shows)"

The Scores: A Journal of Poetry and Prose

varied online journal out of St Andrews Creative Writing Department

The Sienese Shredder: Art design literature poetry music culture

2010 USA-based magazine edited by Brice Brown and Trevor Winkfield + Mark Shortliffe; #3 includes "Nine Poets", edited by Miles Champion

Smithereens Press

An independent publisher of Irish poetry chapbooks online, with online magazine coming

Something Other: Collecting writing, performance & their others

"a website, a series of events, and a collaboration between the writers Mary Paterson, Maddy Costa and Diana Damian Martin."

streetcake magazine: the magazine for innovative, visual and experimental writing

funky & long-established webzine edited by Trini Decombe and Nikki Dudley

Stride magazine

Rupert Loydell's long-lasting & well focused e-zine, archived in slightly different format at Stride (1999-2015)

Tears in the Fence: an independent, international literary magazine

covers a very wide field very ably — excellent magazine, with David Caddy the Editor and Ian Brinton Reviews Editor; a wee bit of stuff online, and a lot of archive material also, and Ian Brinton's exciting and enthusiastic Tears in the Fence Blog


is a new online poetry, responses and arts magazine, edited by Jonathan Catherall

A Thing Like You And Me: a glimpse of a hybrid narrative

"a variety of activists, artists, poets, and writers together working on a feminist narrative of camaraderie, defiance, desire, revolt, subversion, survivalism, and more" edited by Sarah Crewe and Dimitra Ioannou, published in Athens, includes various "narratives in progress" on the website

ungovernable press

glorious irrepressible pdfs from a range of persons, published by Lars Palm

Versopolis: European Review of Poetry, Books and Culture

worth hanging onto as we dangle over the abyss of isolation

Visual Verse: An Anthology of Art and Words

"We supply a compelling image and invite writers — published or unpublished — to submit a piece in response. There is a catch: you must write it within one hour and it must be between 50 and 500 words." Publisher/Curator: Kristen Harrison; Editor-in-Chief: Preti Taneja

Wild Honey Press

November, 2014 Randolph Healy's publishing site contains a range of very worthwhile text and audiovisual material


"X-Peri and the X-Peri Series are vessels featuring deposits of xperimental x-poetry, x-hybrids, x-visual art, x-fiction, x-essays, x-quests and posthuman x-memes." Edited by Daniel Y Harris, Rupert Loydell, Nathan Spoon & Jonathan Mulcahy-King

zimZalla: Avant objects

Tom Jenks' publishing project releasing literary objects — wonderfully varied & inventive material


writers' homepages, blogs etc

This section is organised by the name of the poet, usually starting if there are several sites with what appears as a major homepage or blog, then more specific or less current sites. I have tried to ensure each poet's name is given as s/he appears to wish it to be presented — please notify me of any errors. Note coverage of Twitter is very patchy — should I include it at all? Be more definitive & thorough? I haven't included Facebook, except when it is very specifically signposted, though that is a major communication medium for several poets — should I? Perhaps selectively?? I have also not included blogs that are not open access. indicates dead poet

Astrid Alben

Luke Allan

Poet, publisher and book designer

Rachael Allen Twitter logo

Raymond Antrobus

Spoken Word, Poetry, Education, Literature & Social Commentary

Louis Armand

"totalitarianism makes art into an obscenity, capitalism makes it idiotic. . ." May 2016

Bebrowed's Blog: writing about writing (and reading)

John Armstrong; also his blog Arduity: clarifying difficult poetry

David Ashford

Writer Lecturer Publisher

Marc Atkins

Amy Balog

Writer of Gothic and Literary Fiction and Poetry; Creator of Dark and Surreal Dream Worlds, who also uses a Facebook page, amybalogwriter


Tom Bamford-Blake lives, writes and makes things in Lewes (aka Tom Bamford)

The McBarrett News

Sally Barrett

Bryony Bates Twitter logo

Where I spit no grass grows ever.

Shaun Belcher

Multimedia Artist; also Poma Arts: Community Arts and Not for Profit arts and literature development

Emma Bennett — Performance, Writing, etc.

People Like Us

Welcome to the only official site for People Like Us and Vicki Bennett, "an influential and pioneering figure in the still growing area of sampling, appropriation and cutting up of found footage and archives"Also her Vimeo site Vicki WFMU

Richard Berengarten

(formerly Richard Burns)


David Berridge (very active in field of art writing) 2014

Caroline Bergvall

John Bevis

writer + poet + performer

Lisa Jeschke / Lucy Beynon


Lois Blackburn & Philip Davenport

Michael Blackburn

Adam Bohman

Gods of the Plague

Sean Bonney's new blog; note also his old blog: abandonedbuildings July 2017

Peckham in furs

Poets and their Cats: links to poetry websites Book Reviews Photos of miffed Cats and slutty Cats Anarchy, Bodily Fluids, Hatred of Boris Johnson and all his ilk, The Bat Plant and other Dark Images. The Black Arts; kitsch images; Black Humour; Against Capitalism; for slackers, Wastrels; Against Dynamic growth; for long-lingering- malingering -cultivation through book reading. Will contain blasphemous images of Jesus. Against religion. March 2015 Sharon Borthwick

Serena Braida


Melanie Branton

Leanne Bridgewater

Poet Maker Artist Writer writer of things

Boxing the Compass

This, That Matt Bryden

victoria adukwei bulley

Victoria Adukwei Bulley

Basil Bunting Poetry Centre Sep 2014

Graham Burchell


sean burn

Elizabeth jane Burnett

Elizabeth-Jane Burnett

Laura Burns

London based artist working across choreography, poetry and live art practices

Poems of Séamas Cain

Jen Calleja

Writer of fiction, non-fiction and poetry

Kimberley Campanello

J. R. Carpenter

Digital Literature "The path from A to B is round-about. Guesswork is de riugeur."

Rosie Carrick

Daniela Cascella

and also her writing blog: en abîme: WRITING SOUND :::: BY DANIELA CASCELLA

The lobster barks back

Jonathan Catherall



John Cayley

press free press

Sejal Chad, Becky Cremin, Ryan Ormonde & Karen Sandhu

Helen Charman Twitter logo

Researching c.19 maternity, sacrifice & economics @ahrcpress; teaching @englishunicam; poems forthcoming in @Carcanet New Poetries VII & @OffordRoadBooks

Kayo Chigonyi

this is yogic

Tom Chivers' blog

Vera Chok

Actor, Writer & Performance Maker; also blog Chok Notes to Self, & so much more social media further

Paula Claire, Poet, Artist, Oxford

The Paula Claire Archive from Word to Art — International Poet Artists


Just another Word from Lucy Harvest Clarke 2014

Evil Is Nothing

Poems and pictures — and perhaps an occasional comment Jon Clay


Wayne Clements, whose blog is Murifri: Poetry and images by Wayne Clements

Graham Clifford


Not Yet There

an unfolding project "Emma Cocker is a writer-artist"

Jennie Cole

Iris Colomb

Alys Conran

Jennifer CookeTwitter logo

Theorist; poet; contemporary lit; senior lecturer in English at Loughborough University; beleaguered cat-feeder. Opinions own; RTs just point.

Viv Corringham

British singer and soundscape artist based in New York

Patrick Coyle

an artist working predominantly with performance, writing and sculpture

press free press

Sejal Chad, Becky Cremin, Ryan Ormonde & Karen Sandhu

Tom Crompton. Poetry

Claire Crowther

Return to Default

Poetry / Poetry / Poetry July 2015 James Cummins — but note also on Poetry International Web

Amy Cutler

Geohumanities curator, film-maker, poet, and cultural geographer

santiago's dead wasp

sound poetry and more Matt Dalby

Ailbhe Darcy

on Poetry International Web

Philip Davenport

also arthur+martha: Lois Blackburn & Philip Davenport

Sadie Davidson

Poet, Playwright, and Purveyor of Prose + Facebook page Sadie Davidson — Poet

Gloria Dawson

Then spree

poetry & diary by Nia Davies

Noèlia Díaz Vicedo

'sóc la llavor que esclata a trenc de mort i s'arbra cega i encesa en l'embat'

Ryan Dobran

his current blog, while Scotograph: Notes, Research, Commentary, Reviews is his old blog 2015

Cait Doherty Twitter logo

#nowthenorth: writing poems, essays, a phd on the history of C20th aviation exhibitions, poetry editor @salvagedotzone OUR PARTY out here: http://plantarchy.us/ourparty.html; aka Caitlín Doherty

graveney marsh

Random jottings on poetry, visual culture, local oddities and the weather Laurie Duggan's blog

angel exhaust

Andrew Duncan's blog (full of information & insight on the non-hegemonic strands of British poetry in the second half of the C20)


Michael Elegan February 2016

Laura Elliott Twitter logo

Poet, library worker, feminist

M / H / D

Daniel Eltringham; what an excellent & pleasing site! All that's happening it appears around Nottingham & Sheffield & much else

Stephen Emmerson

Carrie Etter

Writer, critic, tutor; and also Sudden Prose: Prose Poetry and Short-Short Stories, her blog collecting such things

Rowan Evans

Gareth Farmer Poetry

Clive Fencott at Fencott

Clive Fencott: symbolic activist researcher sound poet ...

Peter Finch Archive

more than that: not just Peter Finch but under "Writers Advice" on his crucial Heroic Age magazine Second Aeon, and with a lot of [slightly dated] links

Alec Finlay

Ian Hamilton Finlay

also includes Wild Hawthorn Press — The Archive of Ian Hamilton Finlay

Allen Fisher


adrian fisher & luna montenegro aka montenegro fisher

SJ Fowler

Writer & Artist; also organiser & curator & teacher


opting out of the ordinary: books, code, music made by Dominic Fox, and also his old blog, poetix (old content): oh build your ship of death

Jemima Foxtrot

Livia Franchini

Ella Frears

Writer. Poet. Visual Artist

Anastasia Freygang

Sharon Gal

Voice Sound Art Performance

Calum Gardner

Ron Geesin

composer, performer, sound architect, interactive designer, broadcaster, writer and lecturer

Alison Gibb

Touched Base

John Gibbens & Armorel Weston's website has much music from The Children and The Mind Shop, plus Gibbens' poetry

Paul Green

Writer — and so much more, with links also to his complex and haunting audio and visual work. Also his old blog Brother Paul's Archives 2012

RG Gregory

towards a cathedral of ohs... April 2015

Streams of Expression

David Grundy

Martín Gubbins

Chilean experimental poet who was a Writers Forum member at the beginning of the last decade, and founded Foro de Escritores in Santiago, his website hosts his visual poetry, and his SoundCloud site martin.gubbins his sound poetry, + the Writers Forum Basement Readings album 2003

Chris Gutkind on poetry pf


"narrative, visual, and sound work by Khaled Hakim"

John Hall

shading into ardour

Nathan Hassall

Facebook best way to see what this interesting poet and editor is up to

West House Books

Alan Halsey (& some Geraldine Monk)

between plant & ghost

Emma Hammond's main blog (more not listed here — this is very creative blog use) + unicorn hoax her poem blog; try also Mall Poet + Twitter logo Emma Hammond Poet. . . Storytelling, the Internet, Magic, Folklore.

The Divided Line

Edmund Hardy + Bite the Weeds: Dialectic In Poetry, his blog analysing a wide range of short poetic pieces

arts \ ego

Dylan Harris


the website of Michael Haslam Poet of Foster Clough

Paul Hawkins

"poet, text artist & collaborator sometimes known as Bob Modem &/or haul pawkins." note also Paul Hawkins Poet, archived site archived & Paul Hawkins on Skiddle

Maura Hazelden

archive of my art work; aka Flo Fflach, with a rich webography including Caerdydd: Past and Presence, writing on/in place; Flo Fflach, which links to other sites linked to her avatar/whatever Flo Flach, especially: searching for words / yn chwilio am geiriau, "words used in a different way to how they already are on flofflach . . . specific projects . . . maybe overlapped . . . makeitupasigoalong"

Nicki Heinen

freelance writer

gairnet provides

press of blll. from WN Herbert, a man with many other websites also, eg The Lost Notebook; ReMakar: "In pretty much the way Michael Schumacher makes shoes, so too ReMakar is where Bill Herbert makes res, or 'things,' to use the Latin. Not real things of course, because then you could feel their bumps through the screen, but rather the makie-up things we call stories, tales, fables or fibs."; strawberry duck: "this is based on an old school samizdat litmag thing I did years ago in collaboration with some old school pals. as a way of working or thinking, I've never really stopped doing it. since becoming dundee makar in october 2013, this has become the unofficial makarzine, which is like margarine, but not exactly the same thing." and more

Colin Herd

Poetry & Outside Poetry; also is archived The Devil Reads Poetry (but not the sort you'd think)

Sophie Herxheimer

Jessica Higgins


blog of Steven Hitchins & The Literary Pocket Book

Amanda Holiday

Writer, Artist, and Filmmaker in London, United Kingdom, who explicitly tells us to visit her Facebook page; also Twitter Twitter logo films poems art

Paul Holman

Stewart Home

— radically inauthentic since 1962

Sarah Howe

JD Howse

also dead.elk, his Instagram account

Peter Hughes

basic details on his Oystercatcher Press site


Dimitra Ioannou

juli Jana

keith jarrett

Keith Jarrett's blog

Tom Jenks

poetry & criticism

Lisa Jeschke / Lucy Beynon

Julie Johnstone

"artist, independent curator and publisher"

Chris Jones

"an award-winning poet based in Sheffield, England"


"heavenly labials in a world of gutturals" is Jonathan Jones's blog + The Sticky Pages Press, his publishing blog 2016

Nathan Jones

media > art


Andrew Jordan

Pierre Joris

+ his big, important blog, Nomadics

Sarah Eliza Kelly

aka Sarah Kelly

Sharon Kivland

+ active Twitter Twitter logo

Mark Leahy

writer — artist — teacher

Kreider + O'Leary

Kristen Kreider & James O'Leary

Tom Leonard

appropriately huge site

Militant Esthetix

Esther Leslie & Ben Watson (aka Out To Lunch)

All That Is Solid Melts Into Aargh

Jo Lindsay Walton aka Jow Lindsay (+ more pseudonyms than you've had hot dinners), eg his Tumblr blog franciscrot.tumblr.com & much else, including #Wokesgiving, his 2016 blog on fake news etc

Jazmine Linklater

caesura ~ francesca lisette

also Francesca Lisette's astrology site G L I T T E R * O R A C L E "creative, soul-centred astrology for diving into new paradigms."

Rachel Long


Gerry Loose

February 2015 & also Carbeth: the unfinished hut, his Scottish living in the landscape blog

Light Form

Tony Lopez, and his occasional blog Tony Lopez: news, projects, reviews 2016

all-round madman of letters

Adam Lowe

Ed Luker

presents the information, more material on his tumblr blog, dumbflux

all over the grid

singular complayntes set in lethal contradiction, the dialectics of plaice, geographic gyna-fascism, failed love poems, gamelan metaphysics, the whole human geography of song. Joe Luna

 Alice Lyons

Poems for Sale

synchronicities, findings, poetry Chris McCabe's blog

Karen McCarthy Woolf

Amy McCauley

Writing On the Liminal Line

Exploring the borderlands of writing; the weird, the wonderful, the plain disturbing Lesley McKenna October 2014

Luke McMullan

"I am a scholar, poet, and translator based in New York. My scholarly work is on the history of philology." And now based also in London

Alice Maddicott

Harry Man

Peter Manson

eocene press

poetry and updates from matt martin

Paul Matthews

Political Animals

New Feminist Cinema 2016, but So Mayer's (aka Sophie Mayer's) current activity on Twitter Twitter logo as @tr0ublemayer "Poet, film activist. Gender non-aligned. She/her or they/them. Working @fffilmmaking @clubdesfemmes. New writing @litmusUK & http://tinyletter.com/sophiemayer" also Sophie Mayer 2015 and Delirium's Library, her old book blog November 2013

María Mencía

People Like Us

Welcome to the only official site for People Like Us and Vicki Bennett, "an influential and pioneering figure in the still growing area of sampling, appropriation and cutting up of found footage and archives" Also her Vimeo site Vicki WFMU


In celebration of Linus Slug/Tommy Peeps/all things Mendoza, a celebration about & for not by the multi-named Linus Slug/Tommy Peeps/Mendoza — should be more delightful celebratory things like this, though maybe few more deserved!

Urban Anxieties

"the blog of David Miller, a Teacher Training Instructor currently living in Daejeon, South Korea. The website was initially set up to focus on work completed during a period of research, but over time the writing has become much broader in scope and ambition(s)" Urban geography meets poetry, eg with sequence of long postings on Allen Fisher's SPUTTOR

hardPressed poetry

A blog from Catherine Walsh and Billy Mills "We publish and distribute poetry that you won't often find in your local bookshop."

The Institute for Electric Crinolines

art. poetics. life. concept. noise. performance. is Drew Milne & Redell Olsen's blog; still of interest his older website, Parataxis

Jess Mockridge

yes, well . . . neat site, but . . .

West House Books

Alan Halsey (& some Geraldine Monk)


adrian fisher & luna montenegro aka montenegro fisher

Edwin Morgan.com

Welcome to the Website Dedicated to Scotland's Greatest Poet, and also Edwin Morgan Archive


Fiona Moore

Helen Moore

ecopoet, socially engaged artist & outdoor educator, with some excellent poetry films

Katy Wareham Morris

Mother. Wife. Teacher. Writer. Feminist

Sharon Morris on poetry pf

Alan Morrison

Permanent Positions

"About Iain Morrison, poet and writer, Edinburgh, Scotland positioning within various creative communities frames of reference I'm operating within things i'm thinking through links to projects I or my friends/collaborators are working on occasional posts of writing/film/output"

Published poems

John Alwyine-Mosely

Eric Mottram

"There's nothing more exciting than something you don't know!" is John Whiting's site coming from the 2015 Eric Mottram Memorial Conference. With lots of AV material

Opal Louis Nations

Opal L Nations January 2015

Camilla Nelson


visual. minimal. arts n spirituality. Stephen Nelson

Tamarin Norwood 2016

The Life and Works of Jeff Nuttall

Wanda O'Connor

Intermedia "Writer — Researcher — Teacher"

Kreider + O'Leary

Kristen Kreider & James O'Leary


writing. poetics. performance. art Redell Olsen; also The Institute for Electric Crinolines: art. poetics. life. concept. noise. performance., Drew Milne & Redell Olsen's blog


poetic practice journal Ryan Ormonde; see also press free press: Sejal Chad, Becky Cremin, Ryan Ormonde & Karen Sandhu

Militant Esthetix

Esther Leslie & Ben Watson (aka Out To Lunch)


Lars Palm

Daniele Pantano

poet . translator . artist .

Astra Papachristodoulou


brickstack blockstack

poetry by Steve Parker

Mary Paterson's blog

black & white & read all over

Christian Patracchini

Curiously Strong

Ian Patterson's blog Dec 2014


In celebration of Linus Slug/Tommy Peeps/all things Mendoza, a celebration about & for not by the multi-named Linus Slug/Tommy Peeps/Mendoza — should be more delightful celebratory things like this, though maybe few more deserved!

Eleanor Perry  Twitter logo

Poet. Assistant Lecturer at University of Kent. Editor of @datableedzine. (aka Nell Perry)

Rebecca Perry 2016

Holly Pester

sound poetry, performance texts and writing

Michael Peverett

"Not even not wrong"

Great Works

information & poems scattered on Peter Philpott's website

Simon Pomery

text-sound maker; also music as Blood Music on SoundCloud and & Facebook

Mischa Foster Poole

all deciduous things

Jody Porter // semi-defunct blog Poetry editor of the Morning Star · Attempted poet · Stoke Newington née Essex

Claire Potter

Frances Presley

Gareth Prior

Poet and compulsive reader


a Richard Price webspace


Meryl Pugh skulking, writing, thinking, but mostly skulking

Native Tototro

Sonia Quintero

Sociopathetic Semaphores

Nat Raha, also her photos on flickr

Nisha Ramayya

Eleanor Rees


April Eye

Peter Riley's Website

Zeitgeist Spam

John Bloomberg-Rissman's blog


Sam Riviere

smudgy like on television

Sophie Robinson's blog February 2014

Stephen Rodefer

site hosted & upkept by Peter Manson

Paul Rossiter

useful page on his Isobar Press website

Daniel Rourke

portfolio of writing and art and other things


Mike Ruddick September 2016

David Rushmer

Culture Court

Lawrence Russell's site has all sorts of interesting weird shit

miffy ryan

Live art and Maternal aesthetics from Miffy Ryan July 21, 2016


A Writer from the South-West Julie Sampson

digressions and hiccups

handmade books & poetry from Karen Sandhu May 2014; see also press free press: Sejal Chad, Becky Cremin, Ryan Ormonde & Karen Sandhu

ana seferovic

Ana Seferović

Sophie Seita

Aidan Semmens

Robert Sheppard

a homepage on Weebly, but also Pages: a blogzine of investigative, exploratory, avant-garde, innovative poetry and poetics edited by Robert Sheppard

Jeffrey Side March 2016

Poetry and stuff

Hannah Silva

playwright, poet & performer

Iain Sinclair

Official Unofficial Website (Sanctioned by Author), run by Daniele Croci & Ben

Richard Skelton

Zoë Skoulding 2013?

Marcus Slease

(aka JJ Mars), but more his blog, Never Mind the Beasts "A website and blog of the writer Marcus Slease exploring nomadic surrealism. Marcus Slease is a (mostly) absurdist, fabulist, and surrealist writer from Portadown, N. Ireland." and its Facebook page Never Mind the Beasts


In celebration of Linus Slug/Tommy Peeps/all things Mendoza, a celebration about & for not by the multi-named Linus Slug/Tommy Peeps/Mendoza — should be more delightful celebratory things like this, though maybe few more deserved!

WPR Recording Session: Martin Corless-Smith

on YouTube, reading his entire 2015 collection, Bitter Green

Saradha Soobrayen

Creative Activist Working with communities & academics, artists & campaigners on human rights & forced displacement

Itch Away

John Sparrow October 2013

Steve Spence Poetry

Chloe Spicer Twitter logo

Bookish Artist & Library Curator runs Library Raves, Edible Books, Book Art Hat Workshops & @Object Book for Multi Sensory Accessibility for The Book

David Spittle

POETRY // FILM // COLLAGE // NOISE also @DSpittlepoet: PhD in Ashbery, Poetics and Surrealism. Poet / Writer / Film / Noise

Two Torn Halves

Verity Spott. Poet

Martha Sprackland

sector habits

Andy Spragg

Ruth Stacy poet

Martin Stannard


A daily-ish poem sequence, sequel to Issue September 2007 from Rob Stanton + even Issue: A daily (or daily-ish) poem sequence. October 2003

Grinking in the Draveyard

David Steans is an artist and writer based in Leeds, UK

A Fiery Flying Roule

to all the inhabitants of the earth; specially to the rich ones is Eirik Steinhoff's Tumblr blog,which though USA based has close links with politically radical poetry in Britain

Corrupted Poetry

A day that you happen to know: Nic Stringer

Agnieszka Studzinska

Poetry & Words

Janet Sutherland

Eyewear, the Blog

Poetry, Politics, Provocation and Popular Culture Since 2005, from Todd Swift

Rebecca Tamás

Occult poetic entity. On Twitter Twitter logo

Andrew Taylor Poetry

Nottingham based poet and co-editor of erbacce, erbacce-press and M58

trombone poetry

Paul Taylor


Poet, poetry translator, and neurologist, is Virna Teixeira's Gravatar profile

Fiona Templeton 2013

Veronica Forrest-Thomson

A Retrospective: a special online retrospective (edited etc by Sara Crangle, for the Kenyon Review) of a selection of Veronica Forrest-Thomson's poetry as well as six of the papers presented at the 2008 symposium, co-hosted by Christ's College, Cambridge, and the Centre for Modernist Studies at the University of Sussex, on the work of Veronica Forrest-Thomson

vala thorodds

/ Valgerður þóroddsdóttir /

Nick Thurston

experimental artists' books

Jessica Tillings

E | D

Jonty Tiplady on Tumblr

"poet, artist, editor & events organiser"

Chris Torrance

given a page on Anne Bryan's Strange-Attractor website

Lydia's Blog: poetry and stuff

Lydia Towsey's blog January 2016

John Tranter

and also Tranter's Journal: Marcel Proust's favourite orchid: the cattleya

You've Got Something Really Right

Florence Uniacke

Jack Underwood Twitter logo

Lawrence Upton

independent artist and scholar

Touched Base

John Gibbens & Armorel Weston's website has much music from The Children and The Mind Shop, plus Gibbens' poetry

Ryan Van Winkle


useful models for experiments related to thoracic or lumbar structures from Juha Virtanen January 2013

Salomé Voegelin

"is an artist and writer engaged in listening as a socio-political practice of sound"

Emmanuelle Waeckerlé

Kate Wakeling


The Beast of Manchester Poetry. A site for discussion of all things related to poetry, religion, life in general. from Steven Waling March 2015

Nathan Walker action poetry

"performance artist and poet"

hardPressed poetry

A blog from Catherine Walsh and Billy Mills: "We publish and distribute poetry that you won't often find in your local bookshop."

All That Is Solid Melts Into Aargh

Jo Lindsay Walton aka Jow Lindsay (+ more pseudonyms than you've had hot dinners), eg his Tumblr blog franciscrot.tumblr.com & much else, including #Wokesgiving, his 2016 blog on fake news etc

Evie Ward

william watkin's blog (since 2003)

Philosophical journalism, biopolitical comment; philosophy of the news basically. from William Watkins

Militant Esthetix

Esther Leslie & Ben Watson (aka Out To Lunch)

Stephen Watts on poetry pf

feeding | the | b e a r

malfunctioning < a / p o e t r y / > the fragments: a series — Tom Watts' poetry blog; also The End of Everything Soft and Kind... ... and the Start of Hard Times To Come: Teacher / poet / idiot.

John Welch June 2012

Home'Baked Books

Mike Weller's self-publishing; and linguistically innovative €#*@$?! is his blog

J.T. Welsch

writer & academic

Matthew Welton Twitter logo

Making music out of words. Writing lecturer at University of Nottingham.

Charles Whalley

poetry critic


Local Asshole Now Local Asshole With Blog: The Twisted Brain Wrong of a One-Off Man-Mental November 2016 David Wheatley's blog


Karen Whiteson

Renscombe Press

Poems, texts and recordings by James Wilkes; and note also the Vox Lab blog of his poetry residency at UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience May 2013

Steve Willey Sep 2016

Chrissy Williams

Writer | Editor | Tutor | Poetry | Comics | Bears; and also Needs a Title, Purpose: Mostly poetry, some comics, the occasional dog June 2016 her Tumblr blog

Eley Williams

and also Giant Rat of Sumatra, her blog

Sally-Shakti Willow

Writing Utopia Now

Trevor Winkfield

Best place to find out about him as writer is this Tribute on the Poetry Society of America website, "A Painter Among Poets: Trevor Winkfield", much of which is from an interview with Miles Champion

Cliff Yates

Poet & Tutor

Jane Yeh


Tamar Yoseloff

Invective Against Swans

zhawi or mamoyobornfree

Belinda Zhawi: "i write what i like ~ ica associate poet 2016/17 ~ quick writes series"

Notes from a Room

some wonderful prose: but whose? I do not know. Do you?

Poets included in Poetry International Web under United Kingdom or Ireland (or both), who might be called writers of Innovative Poetry:

Sascha Aurora Akhtar
Elisabeth Bletsoe
James Byrne
Kimberly Campanello
Vahni Capildeo
Ciaran Carson
Kayo Chingonyi
James Cummins
Ailbhe Darcy
Roy Fisher
Alan Halsey
Lee Harwood
WN Herbert
Sarah Howe
Anthony Joseph
Trevor Joyce
Fran Lock
Harry Man
Chris McCabe
Karen McCarthy Woolf
Kei Miller
Adrian Mitchell
David Morley
Alice Oswald
Mario Petrucci
Frances Presley
Richard Price
Denise Riley
Peter Riley
Sam Riviere
Maurice Scully
Jane Yeh

Poets included in Poetry p f who might be called writers of Innovative Poetry:

Linda Black
Graham Clifford
Claire Crowther
Martyn Crucefix
Chris Gutkind
Chris Hardy
David Miller
Sharon Morris
Andrew Nightingale
Janet Sutherland
Todd Swift
Siriol Troup
Stephen Watts