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Well, here we are again. A revised and uptodate (October 8, 2018) list of sites relevant to British (& Irish: we are inseparable) Innovative Poetry, presented here in a beta version. Ie I'm sure there are innumerable omissions, errors and distortions. Please tell me of them, eg by email to peter@greatworks.org.uk, or any other email address of mine, via FaceBook, facetoface, mail, anything. Then I'll redo modernpoetry.org.uk completely, put all the new lists on separate webpages, and label most other material as archive. OK? well do let me know if not. The listings page for events in London is now the responsibility of Birkbeck Contemporary Poetics Research Group at http://www.bbk.ac.uk/cprc/readings/ — contact matt martin at cprc.readings@gmail.com.

This page contains lists of "audio and video sites and archives" (that may be a weak one! I respond to poetry on page or in live performance, not mediated, decontextualised and miniaturised), "largely print publishers and magazines", "readings and other similar events/organisations", and "bookshops and booksellers (including online)" (which may also be weak — please tell me there are more bookshops out there!). There have been additions/emendations to the previously uploaded lists on Links to British Innovative Poetry Sites (2018). In future any alterations and additions beyond the most trivial will be flagged up , until the next set of corrections. And so on.

I'll repeat what is on the old equivalent page: Users are reminded the site is under a Creative Commons license for its non-commercial sharing, so if anything is useful it can be reused & carried on elsewhere. The domain name is a good one; if anyone wishes to carry on its use for a similar purpose, email me to discuss your plans, and I'll simply arrange transfer. It's your turn.

audio and video sites and archives

Adam Bohman

tracks from his Paradigm 3 albums; material also on AppleMusic

The Archive of the Now

The source for British innovative poetry — a vast compendium of British innovative poets reading, now being updated, run by Andrea Brady at Queen Mary University of London


narrative, visual, and sound work by Khaled Hakim

Blood Music

"Experimental. Producer. Taiko-acid. Drum-Voice. Multi-instrument. Text-sound-poet." is Simon Pomery on SoundCloud & even Facebook

Carcanet audio library

"Listen Here!" "this rich online resource includes Carcanet podcasts, recordings of poems and interviews"

The Claudius App

A Journal of Fast Poetry — its vimeo uploads: strong on Beynon/Jeschke

Iris Colomb

many uploads of her performances/creations or from events she has curated

Comet Radio

broadcasting from Deptford, London, by Ed Luker with poetry and music on SoundCloud (also as Rivet Radio)

The Covers project

May, 2016 "contemporary poets reading poetry that has influenced their own work." An SJ Fowler site, and a pity it hasn't been continued: the insights that could come from a not-the-poet reader could benefit both poet and audience

Culture Court

Lawrence Russell's site has all sorts of multimedia interesting weird shit

damn the caesars' YouTube Channel

has a number of lectures & readings relating to current English & American poetry

Michael Blackburn

Poetry and Flash Fiction: podcasts Sep 2012

Dirty Confetti

"a small press and forum for collaborative projects between women of all ages. It was set up by the writers Alice Maddicott (UK) and Ana Seferovic (Serbia) who felt there was a gap for a publisher focusing on the sort of books they love to read and create — work that blurs the lines between poetry, prose and visual art; work that seeks to be constantly evolving and to put collaboration at its core. It is also a digital archive for their more experimental and site-specific projects."

Double Change

"Double Change was founded in 2000 in order to juxtapose, unite and reunite the poetries of France and the United States in a new bi-national, multi-faceted forum." Including material by/on many English poets; editors: Omar Berrada, Vincent Broqua, Claire Guillot, Abigail Lang, Jean-Jacques Poucel, Sarah Riggs

Electronic Voice Phenomena

an experimental literature and new media project, exploring contemporary approaches to sound, voice, technology and writing, brought to you by Mercy and Penned in the Margins.


Redell Olsen March 2014


SJ Fowler's YouTube channel has masses of films of readings etc, including our man, or shot by our man, at his many enterprises

Free Range

Canterbury performance series on SoundCloud, with poetry, music & all between — Sam Bailey responsible

Gad Hollander

his channel on Vimeo for his poetry films

Gerry Potter — Poet

reading on YouTube

Helen Moore

ecopoet, socially engaged artist & outdoor educator, with some excellent poetry films

if p then q

masses of Videos on James Davies' publishing site

Jemima Foxtrot

her YouTube channel

Jennie Cole

"Makes poems, performances, objects, books, videos and things-in-between" on Vimeo, and on SoundCloud as jecole


Large anti-choir formed by Martin Archer in Sheffield, on BBC Music, while also homepage (with A/V material) on Discus Music

Jonty Tiplady

on Vimeo


on SoundCloud: another major SJ Fowler site, linked with his series of interviews for 3:AM Magazine, with many recordings


June 2010 The Miami University Archive of Writing in Performance — nothing recent, but all gold!

Listening Across Disciplines network events

Resonance FM broadcasts sharing the discussions from these events arranged by Anna Barney and Salomé Voegelin

Lunar Poetry Podcasts

David Turner's impressive range of poets reading and talking etc in large chunks

Maggie O'Sullivan

on PennSound

Martín Gubbins

Chilean experimental poet who was a Writers Forum member at the beginning of the last decade, and founded Foro de Escritores in Santiago, his website hosts his visual poetry, and his SoundCloud site martin.gubbins his sound poetry + the Basement Readings album, with work from Lawrence Upton, Chris Paul, Sean Bonney, Mike Weller, Martín Gubbins, Jeff Hilson, Adrian Clarke, John Muckle, Aodhán McCardle, Luna Montenegro & Mark Jacksonmjb of 2003

 Gboyega Odubanjo

This excellent poet's Vimeo channel


large number of video & audio recordings 2006-2011, plus also large Vimeo site of (probably) all its performances

Optic Nerve

Colin Still's video production company has made a number of excellent films on (mainly) American poets (and some quirky little ones on mainly non-innovative British poets)

The Other Room

Poetry reading series in Manchester, UK's Vimeo site: huge!

Paradigm Discs

Clive Graham's aural world ranges through sound art, improvised music & sound poetry. Snippets available on his website, plus much else.

Paul Blackburn Audio Collection

at University of California San Diego Library Digital Collections covers the entire avant-garde New York poetry scene between 1960 and 1971 — can you miss it?

Paul Hawkins

on Mixcloud


center for programs in contemporary writing at the University of Pennsylvania: Caroline Bergvall, Sean Bonney, Basil Bunting, Miles Champion, cris cheek, Bob Cobbing, Martin Corless-Smith, Bill Griffiths, Lee Harwood, Michael Haslam, Anselm Hollo, Peter Jaeger, Pierre Joris, Tom Leonard, Tony Lopez, Mina Loy (interview), High MacDiarmid, Peter Middleton, Drew Milne, Eric Mottram, Redel Olsen, Maggie O'Sullivan, Simon Pettet, Tom Raworth, Stephen Rodefer, Nathaniel Tarn, Fiona Templeton, Scott Thurston, Charles Tomlinson, John Wilkinson + all the American avant-gardists since 1950 you can eat (or bear to listen to): Al Filreis is the man! Site also in fact subsumes Electronic Poetry Center (EPC), UbuWeb and Jacket2.

People Like Us

Welcome to the only official site for People Like Us and Vicki Bennett, "an influential and pioneering figure in the still growing area of sampling, appropriation and cutting up of found footage and archives". Also her Vimeo site Vicki WFMU

Phantom Power

"Sounds about Sound: a podcast on the sonic arts and humanities", hosted in USA by "poet + media artist cris cheek and sound + media scholar Mack Hagood"

Philip Venables

"one of the finest of the younger generation of composers working today" (The Guardian) has set to music texts by Simon Howard, Steven J Fowler, Sean Bonney, Boris Vian & Sarah Kane translated by Durs Grünbein

The Poetry Archive

"Listen to the world's great poets" Unfortunately I can see Hugo Williams looking at me as I write this. Founded by Richard Carrington and Andrew Motion, editors are Emily Berry, Sam Buchan-Watts, Patrick Davidson Roberts, Oli Hazzard, Stephen Pickles, Sam Riviere, Preti Taneja, George Ttoouli, Ben Wilkinson & John Tolputt


"synthetic, synthesising, various, many, folding . . ." organised by Robert Hampson, Kristen Kreider, Will Montgomery & Redell Olsen, with Prudence Chamberlain and Jennie Cole, this was a series of events foregrounding cross-genre writing, which includes poetry readings, performances, film screenings and installations. Its website has a host of video, audio & information thereon October 2015

Ralph Pritchard

complex but emotionally searching art-oriented projects, including Gone Clear, "a discussion podcast hosted by me and my cousin Gloria Dawson. The shows often revolve around art, politics and slippages between the personal and the political." And poetry

Renscombe Press

Poems, texts and recordings by James Wilkes — and what an exemplary performer!

Resonance 104.4fm

alternative radio, open to sound art, and poetry, all sorts of things

Richard Skelton

information-loaded personal site of one of the owners of Corbel Stone Press and leading poet/artist/musician of the landscape

Simon Powery

text-sound maker — many uploads of performances etc

Soni Quintero

her YouTube channel

Sophie Seita

many performances uploaded

Spoken Web

huge Canadian archive of audio recordings


"Poets Audio/Visual Archive": very multilingual anthology streamed using Flash, including Ana Seferović, Nick Potamitis, Rufo Quintavalle, Alice Maddicott, Simon Mundy and Kai Fierle-Hedrick, supported by the European Cultural Foundation, but liable to be interrogated by your computer network over its safety


"a Non-Profit Online-Archive & Information-Database for Audio-Tape-Culture (Cassettes/Tapes/Reels) and 20th Century Art- & Music-related Small-Press Publications / Magazine-Culture. This Archive-Database focuses on the following styles/genres. — Mid 70's to late 90's Industrial / Experimental / Free Improvisation / Post-Punk / New Wave, Minimal / Synth /Ambient and further musical directions of the DIY-Cassette-Culture. — early 50's to late 90's Sound Art / Sound Poetry / Text-Sound-Compositions / Poesie Sonore / Verbosonics / Lingual Music / Music Concrete / Audio Art plus related printed Mail-Art / Concrete Poetry / Visual Poetry / Lettrisme / Fluxus" Register for free to enjoy all this!

Tears in the Fence

"an independent, international literary magazine": their festival webpage hosts lots of videos of talks and readings

Tom Jenks

"poetry & criticism": fullish set of links to his audiovisual material


"operates at the nexus of mind, language and technology. It was founded by Nathan Jones and Sam Skinner in 2012 as an itinerant publisher, arts and curatorial platform."


"All avant-garde. All the time." is huge & ever-growing

The Venus Papers

"An original spoken-word performance" by Lydia Towsey

virna teixeira

"A Brazilian poet living in London with a medical background" on Vimeo

voiceworks project

masses of stuff from "a project exploring song in poetry, text, music & sound, through collaboration between poets, composers and singers", I believe from Contemporary Poetics Research Centre Birkbeck 2013

Salomé Voegelin

on SoundCloud, and also ora: "voyages into listening and writing by Daniela Cascella and Salomé Voegelin"

Wild Honey Press

Randolph Healy's publishing site contains a range of audiovisual material also November, 2014

The Wolf magazine Audio

has a fair number of recordings (though none recent)

WPR Recording Session: Martin Corless-Smith

entire 2015 collection, Bitter Green, read

arts \ ego: podcast

podcasts of all sorts by or recorded by Dylan Harris

largely print publishers and magazines (including USA etc publishers with significant publication of British Innovative Poetry) (some too no longer publishing fresh material, but with available backlist)

Some of the publishers listed under British & Irish online magazines, e-publishers and other assemblages of writing also publish on paper

The 87

"We are committed to publishing emerging and experimental literatures, especially those from neurodiverse, queer, and minority ethnic communities. The 87 is also a neuro-fugitive movement. We exist in the interstices between the norm and the space of the new, as a movement away from the norm into the space of the new." Kashif Sharma-Patel, Azad Ashim Sharma, and architect Devin Maisuria


carries on a now rather retro feeling high modernist impulse, editor Patricia McCarthy, and with some miscellaneous material online

alba Londres

"Culture in translation: we publish articles on Spanish/Latin-American culture in England — or in English — and original poetry in translation. We work with different languages including Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, Galician, Euskera, Occitan and English." "Collaborators" are Jèssica Pujol Duran, Noèlia Diaz Vicedo, Cristina Florit, Andrew Khosravani, Constanza Ceresa & Sarah Kelly. Several pieces online.

A B: Allardyce, Barnett, Publishers; Allardyce Book; AB Fable Recording and Bulletin: Violin Improvisation Studies; AB Fable Archive

an intermittent publisher of very important books, including Anthony Barnett's own work, and Snow: lit rev

ambergris editions

committed to working with artists, writers and other contributors to create original and relevant artworks and publications. Founded by the artists Lawrence Epps and Lisa Wilkens

Ampersand Publishing

"Est 2017 . . . an independent literary publishing house based in Seven Sisters, London. Our selection encompasses everything from innovative contemporary fiction, poetry, and criticism, to new editions and translations of literary classics." Interesting poetry list from this very active press

angel exhaust

current blog of Andrew Duncan's excellent if intermittent magazine, full of material by him


Antic-Ham (Hyemee Kim) makes artist's books and other graphic material in Seoul & Achill Island

Arc Publications

"Over 40 years at the cutting edge of poetry publishing": Tony Ward is Managing Editor/Director (and James Byrne International Editor) — Arc has moved into a major focus on international writing and translation

Atlas Press

"'Literature from the end of the metaphysical age' publishes classics from the 'anti-tradition', by which we intend a somewhat less crabbed and liverish version of the avant-gardes of the last 150 years." Magnificent publishing!

 Bad Betty Press

"Independent publishers of new poetry. We love writing that is beautiful and bad (in the Foxy Brown sense)." A varied list from Amy Acre & Jake Wild Hall

Barque Press

"publisher of nonconformist poetry": Keston Sutherland and Andrea Brady's publishing venture is a crucial one for suggesting possibilities for our poetry. Site also includes pdfs of back issue of Quid magazine

John Bevis

"writer + poet + performer": fascinating range of work & interests, with his own publications available + several from Coracle Press

Boiler House Press

"a new publisher of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and everything in-between. We are based at the University of East Anglia, home of the world-renowned Creative Writing MA", a product of the UEA Publishing Project, is publishing a good range of poetry

The Cambridge Literary Review

"magazine of poetry, short fiction, and criticism, published three times a year", edited by Lydia Wilson and Rosie Šnajdr; also Facebook group

Capsule Editions

Edmund Hardy and James Wilkes' publishing venture has published two fascinating essays by Denise Riley and Daniel Tiffany 2012/3?

Carcanet Press

"one of the outstanding independent literary publishers of our time. Now in its fifth decade, Carcanet publishes the most comprehensive and diverse list available of modern and classic poetry in English and in translation, as well as a range of inventive fiction, Lives and Letters and literary criticism." With 13 imprints, including PN Review, this is crossover becoming mainstream, with the variability between utterly vital & utterly boring this implies. Michael Schmidt, Publisher & not founder but The Man Who Made It, Luke Allan, Managing Editor

Carnaval Press

"a small press specialised in poetry written in Portuguese. The proposal of this small press is to present Brazilian contemporary poetry, and also Portuguese poetry in translation to poetry readers in the UK." Interesting and active venture from Virna Teixeira

Chicago Review

great big solid USA literary magazine, with some intelligent but sporadic interests in BIP. Some very worthwhile material on the website


"a poetry and arts platform est. 2009. 'Clinic produce London's sickest poetry nights' — Dazed and Confused" Are you cool enough for its productions?

The Collective

of Welsh writers has a website under reconstruction

Contraband Books

David Ashford's publishing empire produces a wide range of excellent and useful texts (and Contraband Live)

Coracle Press

Erica Van Horn and Simon Cutts' operation from South Tipperary publishes "as printer-publisher, editor of spaces, employing many of the devices and formats of hypothetical publishing inherent in the small press. Inevitably, much of the content of the publishing is of the nature of the book itself, in both critical and playful dimensions. At the same time there is always the residue of poetry, and a concern with the mechanisms of the book as a manifestation of the poem itself, together with other books by artists, writers, and others without category."

Corbel Stone Press

exquisite eco-poetry published by Richard Skelton and Autumn Richardson

corrupt press

Dylan Harris's press specialises in innovative "poetry from poets whose mother tongues exclude English" but writing in English

Crater Press

Richard Parker runs "an independent poetry Press based between London and Brighton. We publish, primarily through letterpress, distinctive pamphlets of innovative British poetry." Really exciting work here!

Critical Documents

"Publisher of Contemporary Poetry": Justin Katko's press is highly funky & lively


"an experimental poetry journal." And an elegant and tasty one too, edited & designed by Dominic Hale, Katy Lewis Hood, Jonathan Coward and Figgy Guyver Twitter logo

Damn the Caesars

"Punch Press prints and circulates formally and politically radical contemporary poetries. This includes the journal Damn the Caesars." Editor, Richard Owens. USA-based, but with strong British interest

Dead Elk Books

JD Howse's very interesting self-publishing


Richard Barrett's website for Department Publications 2013 (also Deptpress 2014)

Dock Road Press

"new publishing press that provides a platform for established and emerging poets, writers and spoken word artists" & organises events in Liverpool; started by Nathan Walker

Ecstatic Peace Library

Thurston Moore and Eva Prinz's publishing company has a varied list including our man's lyrics and poems, and the whole run of Musics the improvised music magazine from the 1970s — crucial, I'd say

Enitharmon Press

"founded in 1967 by Alan Clodd and specialises in the publication of artists' books, poetry, limited editions and original prints." High end productions in the cross-over between innovative & bankably boring

enjoy your homes press

"experimenting poetry publishing press & platform" + Twitter logo: "enjoy your homes press | experimenting poetry publishing press & platform | co-conspirator @FurnaceArc | ed. & tweets by linda kemp"


Rod Mengham's tremendously long-lasting & high quality publishing

Equus press

[Écriture en quete d'usage]: largely Prague-based, has "the objective of publishing new writing that is innovative & conscious of being doubly marginalised: outside the literary establishment defined by the Anglo-American publishing industry, & outside the confines of nationalism, pursuing a broadly cosmopolitan 'agenda.'" Founded by Louis Armand, Will Rowe also now heavily involved


Alan Corkish and Andrew Taylor "will accept poetry submissions that are radical either in form or content"

Essence Press

Julie Johnstone publishes exquisite minimalism

etruscan books

Nicholas Johnson's excellent press "has published concrete, Gaelic and modernist poetry with an ear for the lyric and the made up word. They give attention to spatiality, experiment and the lyric"

Face Press

Ian Heames' beautiful productions of very good poetry

Five Seasons Press

Glenn Storhaug publishes absolutely beautiful books of tremendous quality poetry

Front Horse

All profits from magazine sales go to the Nottingham Women's Centre; edited by Matthew Hamblin and Lila Matsumoto

Gargoyle Editions

Alan Halsey & Geraldine Monk's current small-scale publishing; West House Books still in print also available

Girasol Press

"a small, 'hybrid' publishing endeavour that seeks to explore connections and disconnections between Spanish and English", all hand-printed


"a print journal published in Dublin, featuring longform narrative essays, original fiction, poetry and interviews." Editor: Susan Tomaselli, Poetry Editor: Christodoulos Makris; also does books & web things

Hafan Books

run by Tom Cheesman & Jon Goodby has an intriguing list

hardPressed Poetry

"A blog from Catherine Walsh and Billy Mills: We publish and distribute poetry that you won't often find in your local bookshop."

Hearing Eye

founded by John Rety, now run by Susan Johns, this press is linked with Torriano Meeting House

Henningham Family Press

what David & Ping Henningham get up to is artists' books etc

Home'Baked Books

Mike Weller's self-publishing is eye-openingly diverse

HVTN Press [a.k.a. HAVERTHORN]

edited by Iris Colomb & Andrew Wells, publishes HVTN magazine & the odd book

Hesterglock Press

"mostly experimental", run by Sarer Scotthorne & Bob Modem aka Paul Hawkins

If a Leaf Falls Press

"v. limited edition poetry with an emphasis on appropriative and procedural writing processes" from Sam Riviere

 Ignota Books

"a new publishing project and experiment in the techniques of awakening. Born in the Peruvian mountains in the last days of 2017, its founders include Sarah Shin and Ben Vickers. During this turbulent passage from the collective hallucination of one epoch to the next, Ignota seeks to open a space for the unknown: that which is 'nameless and formless, about to be birthed, but already felt' (Audre Lorde)." Irresistible!

Infinity Land Press

"provides exclusive, clandestine publications which are inoculated against the circulatory system of the established book market"

Influx Press

Kit Caless and Sanya Semakula "publish stories from the margins of culture, specific geographical spaces and sites of resistance that remain under explored in mainstream literature"

information as material

"formally established by Simon Morris in 2002 but has its roots in his self-published books of the late 1990s. Based in the North of England, iam operates as a collective of writer-editors and as an independent imprint that publishes work by artists who use extant material — selecting it and reframing it to generate new meanings — and who, in doing so, disrupt the existing order of things." Craig Dworkin, Simon Morris, Nick Thurston are the collective. Poetry as conceptual art? Bracing stuff, though.


"Books for Independent Thinkers": UK distributor for many small presses

Isobar Press

"English Writing from Japan": Paul Rossiter "publishes poetry in English by Japanese and non-Japanese authors who live (or have lived) in Japan, or who write on Japan-related themes. Isobar is now also starting to publish English translations of modernist and contemporary Japanese poetry, and English translations of poetry in languages other than Japanese but which has a strong Japanese connection." & it's all good

Journal of British and Irish Innovative Poetry

our very own academic journal, edited by Robert Sheppard and Scott Thurston — its title helped determine the widespread use of the phrase British Innovative Poetry

Knives Forks and Spoons Press

"Experimental publishing": Alec Newman's Herculean activities have been tremendously worthwhile


"publisher of quality poetry anthologies"

Leafe Press

Alan Baker's press has a large and varied list


Steven Hitchins "publishes innovative poetry and experimental prose with an interest in unusual book formats, book-folds, book-objects and other ways of presenting poetry that push the conventional idea of the book form."

Litmus publishing

"exploring the interaction between poetry and science. Each magazine will explore a different theme and feature poetry, visual art and essays" Dorothy Lehane and Elinor Cleghorn editors

Litteraria Pragensia Books

"is an independent imprint published in cooperation with the Centre for Critical and Cultural Theory, DALC, and the Philosophy Faculty of Charles University, Prague, specialising in the areas of contemporary poetics, literature, critical theory and cultural studies" Managing Editor: David Vichnar + various international boards

Long Poem Magazine

"the only magazine dedicated to publishing long poems and sequences", edited by Lucy Hamilton and Linda Black


"creates a space for the arts to come together, featuring Wales and Bristol based artists and writers across the art scene." With events, books and LUMIN Journal, "started in 2016 by a uni graduate who got through the system, and a uni drop-out who had enough of the system. They paint, write and make films." more like this needed!

Magma Poetry

"The poetry magazine with a different editor every issue", OK, so interestingly varied

The Many Press

John Welch's now rather quiet small press


"publishers of poetry, prose, pamphlets, polemics" who are David Grundy & Lisa Jeschke, and produce excellent publications

Menard Press

Antony Rudolf's small press publishes largely translations

Mica Press

"Poetry in books — to read and feel." Leslie Bell's small press has some varied and interesting publications

Mimeo Mimeo

"Artists' books, typography & the mimeo revolution ": of more than nostalgic and historical interest: Jed Birmingham & Kyle Schlesinger "understand the mimeo revolution as an attitude — a material and immaterial perspective on the politics of print" USA-based

Modern Poetry in Translation

excellent & irreplaceable at what it does; new editor Clare Pollard

moot press

"independent publishers of poetry, photography + experimental texts, based in Bristol + London // co-curators of ANATHEMA reading series"

Morbid Books

publishers of the truly radical, including A Void magazine, run by L. "Tumbleweed" Parker aka Lewis Parker

Mountain Press

2014; but its small range of very important books still obtainable

Muscaliet Press

"an independent publisher of poetry, short fiction and creative nonfiction" owner & chief editor: Simon Everett, deputy editor: Moyra Tourlamain

Nine Arches Press

"Adventures in Poetry": editor & director, Jane Commane

No Prizes

Ian Heames' Face Press's annual magazine

Occasional Papers

interesting books about interesting art

Offord Road Books

a small independent press based in London, run by Martha Sprackland and Patrick Davidson Roberts

The Other Press

Frances Presley's small press

Out-Spoken Press

the publishing arm of Out-Spoken: "a night of poetry and live music", a major player in the spoken word poetry scene — press has published poetically interesting work

Oystercatcher Press

"Some of the most exciting and vivid poetry available in England (World Literature Today)" — yep. The series of pamphlets or chapbooks published by Peter Hughes is astonishing in its quantity & quality


"a journal of new poetry" + comment, essays, and interviews, edited by Vala Thorodds & Luke Allan and published by Thorodds' otherwise Reykjavik-based Icelandic-language Partus Press

Pamenar Press

Ghazal Mosadeq's small press

The Paper Nautilus

Laura Kilbride & Rosa van Hensbergen's very fine little magazine still has some copies left! 2014


"a self published art writing print and event magazine. It was co-founded by Rowan Powell and Catherine Smiles, and is organised by Sarah Charalambides, Jessa Mockridge and Catherine Smiles"


"is a print and online publishing experiment that aims to put space between poetic texts and their paratextual frameworks." Text is printed mag; stuff about it (yes! paratext!) is online. Ohh, it's achingly cool, I feel. Seriously. I admire you, Laura Elliott and Angus Sinclair


no longer a live site, but Drew Milne's publishing activities are accessible here

Penned in the Margins

Tom Chivers' independent press "creates publications and performances for people who are not afraid to take risks" and has published some major poetry

PN Review

a, no, the serious and inescapable magazine, edited by Michael Schmidt, whose extensive archives are for subscribers only

Poetry Wales

edited by Nia Davies, is a major magazine of British Innovative Poetry

The Projectionist's Playground

"A quarterly zine of experimental poetry and visual art" edited by Julius Smit

Punch Press

Richard Owens' USA-based book/pamphlet publishing, with many powerful & radical British poets

Pyramid Editions

"an independent art press and performance project", and is Owen Vince

Reality Street

Ken Edwards' (& Wendy Mulford's originally) glorious publishing enterprise is no longer active, but its website sells still their wondrous stock

Red Ceilings Press

Mark Cobley's chapbook operation


Francis Van Maele's enjoyable book art operation out of Achil Island, Co Mayo


"a new publisher of innovative/experimental poetics based in Cork City" but you can still get the incomparable Sea Adventures, or, Pond Life, by Harvey Joseph and Lindsay James from here 2012

Sad Press

no, no, not that sad — Jo (sometimes Jow) Lindsay Walton lies behind this, so pursue all its products


I remember when Chris and Jennifer Hamilton-Emery's great big enterprise was the great white hope . . .


"a quarterly of revolutionary arts and letters" edited by China Miéville, includes some poetry; poetry editor Caitlín Doherty

Scarlet Imprint

"A small independent press specialising in the occult": Alkistis Dimech and Peter Grey's publishing includes several interesting and important books of poetry

Seam Editions

"is a publishing house dedicated to providing a home for creative-critical writing", with strong UEA connections, and is Sara Helen Binney, Sarah A. Jones, Simon Pook, Alex Read, Sara Taylor and Rob Ward

Seren Books

"leading independent literary publisher, specialising in English-language writing from Wales", and giving good poetry its traditional Welsh importance. Amy Wack is Poetry Editor

Shearsman Books

what words can adequately extol Tony Frazer as publisher?

Shit Valley Press


Sidekick Books

manned by Jon Stone and Kirsten Irving, who aim for lovely, dangerous, charismatic books

sine wave peak

a journal of concrete & formal poetry. Each issue is dedicated to a specific poetic form, and it is run by Luke Allan and Valgerður þóroddsdóttir

Singing Apple Press

limited edition mixed material artefacts from Camilla Nelson

Skylight Press

"a small independent British publisher specialising in esoteric books and literary fiction", with a very interesting poetry & drama list. Daniel Staniforth is editor, with Gareth Knight as advisor

Skysill Press

"small press dedicated to publishing innovative poetry and prose", editor, Sam Ward


rooted in art activities, has published Paul Buck's latest avatar of curtains, and more

Some Roast Poet Twitter logo "a new poetry journal, chapbook, magazine, call it what you will. It will come out roughly bi-annually. Its remit is to cover the Manchester scene and thereabouts, plus honorary affiliates and people passing through the city reading. It will be a slow snapshot of Manchester poetry in its time."

Spanner Editions

Allen Fisher's more recent self-publishing

Spectacular Diseases

Paul Green of Peterborough's publishing


"Reclaimed poetics in the age of automation: a non-profit artists' publishing project exploring the influence of new digital technologies on the material presence of the book. Strongly supported by London gallery studio1.1. and existing as an offshoot of Susak Press, we work with artists and writers who want to use the book medium to experiment beyond and challenge their usual practice."

Splinter Magazine

"edited by Gizem Okulu and David Grundy. Poetry, reviews and news." A4 stapled, b&w, all the doings of all the people they like listed at the back, and running readings: ideal recipe for a magazine

Test Centre

amazing books + Test Centre Magazine + fine events; established by Will Shutes and Jess Chandler

Tipped Press

Rosa van Hensbergen's excellent small press


"a journal of poetics: is devoted to a counter-institutional exploration of radical and experimental modes of contemporary poetics, art, and cultural politics." And is edited out of Oakland, California by David Buuck, with a lot of interest in and by UK poets. Back issues are archived online.

Unkant Publications

Ben Watson (aka Out to Lunch) and the Association of Musical Marxists' press: a critique of would-be avant-garde poetry that needs engaging with

Veer Books

"Veer Books comes out of the activities at Birkbeck College's Contemporary Poetics Research Centre (CPRC), and aims to publish a range of unconforming writing in poetry and poetics, including some texts that other publishers might view as experimental. Veer Books are William Rowe, Ulli Freer, Stephen Mooney, Aodán McCardle, Piers Hugill, Adrian Clarke and Carol Watts." Crucial.

Vennel Press

Richard Price's small press catalogue, now essentially for reference


"contemporary poetics & the arts: editorial collective: Louis Armand, Edmund Berrigan, Pam Brown, Ali Alizadeh, Stephen Mooney, S.J. Fowler, Larry Sawyer, David Vichnar, Olga Pek, Michael Brennan, Jeroen Nieuwland, Jane Lewty"

Waterloo Press

Don't ask me the state of play here: some good work published, but . . . Simon Jenner the man in charge 2014

Whisky and Beards Publishing

"an author favouring publishing house and media network located in the South East of England to represent, develop and encourage writers and artists", editor-in-chief: Connor Sandsby

The White Review

"The journal was conceived as an arts and literary journal specialising in artistically or educationally meritorious works of new or emerging artists and writers. Its aim is the promotion of the arts and literature and of advancing education in arts and literature." Serious shit, man! Editors Željka Marošević & Francesca Wade, poetry editor Kayo Chingonyi

Wild Honey Press

Randolph Healy's small press from Bray, Co. Wicklow, not functioning at present, but recording his excellent publishing 2014

The Wolf

James Byrne's magazine is now defuncted, but with shop and some texts still online

Zarf Magazine

gorgeously funky little magazine! edited by Calum Gardner

readings and other similar events/organisations (reading series unless otherwise indicated)


"a small press, publishing collective, events organiser and critical reading group dedicated to emerging and experimental literatures, particularly those from neurodiverse, queer, and ethnic minority communities." Kashif Sharma-Patel, Azad Ashim Sharma, and architect Devin Maisuria London

Anathema Poetry

monthly experimental events curated by Sad Press, Moot Press & Hesterglock Press Bristol


"Building peoples confidence, esteem and self worth through art and poetry": Philip Davenport and Lois Blackburn's Community Interest Company doing projects aroundish of Manchester

Avant-Garde Study Group

"a forum for discussing the (historical) avant-garde, e.g. Expressionism, Cubism, Futurism, Vorticism, Constructivism, Dada, Surrealism, etc. We generally do close readings of primary texts in a range of media, against the backdrop of different theoretical formulations of the avant-garde, but other approaches are also welcome. The sessions are open to all, run collectively and shaped by the interests of the participants. We meet during term time on alternate Tuesdays from 7–9 pm. For more information please contact avantgardestudygroup@gmail.com." London study group

Cafe OTO

Hamish Dunbar's innovative music venue often houses activities that will (or should!) interest innovative poets London

Capital Letters

"Poetries in Dialogue": Jonathan Mann's quite wonderful poetry events ending with Q&A London

Cardiff Poetry Experiment

established by Calum Gardner and Josh Robinson in 2014, currently curated by Ailbhe Darcy, Nathanael Jones, Julia Rose Lewis, Wanda O'Connor and Josh Robinson Cardiff

Contemporary Innovative Poetry Research Seminar

but Facebook can be more current; Robert Hampson and Amy Cutler organising this London seminar series

Contemporary Poetics Research Centre

seminar series at Birkbeck University of London

Contraband Live

matt martin and David Ashford do good events, with book launches, range of readers & even open mic London


excellent Datableed magazine "actualizes" in this form, thanks to Eleanor Perry and Juha Virtanen Canterbury

DIY Cultures

Dead Women Poets Society

"a conversation between female poets, living and dead, through the medium of readings, interviews and essays. Our principal line-up is composed of Jasmine Simms, Sarah Fletcher, Katie Byford and Helen Bowell" performing nationwide

"DIY or Cry: taking a break in 2018" bookfair based on zine culture, organised by Helena Wee, Sofia Niazi and Hamja Ahsan London

Electric Arc Furnace

run by enjoy your homes press and Girasol Press Sheffield


associated with the Research Centre for Modern and Contemporary Writing, University of Southampton

 Burley Fisher Books

This excellent little bookshop runs interesting, crowded and friendly events in its cellar @BurleyFisher Twitter logo London

Exiled Writers Ink

"voices in a strange land . . . brings together writers from repressive regimes and war-torn situations and it equally embraces migrants and exiles." Founding Director: Jennifer Langer, and provides a range of activities, eg readings, including the Exiled Lit Cafe in the Poetry Café London & beyond

The Feminist Library

"Archiving our herstories since 1975" hosts readings organised by Virna Teixeira's Carnaval Press London

Free Verse

"Home of The Poetry Book Fair & The Poetry Magazine Fair": both excellent events include readings, founded by Chrissie Williams & Joey Connolly, now managed by The Poetry Society London

Free Range

music, performance & poetry events organised by Sam Bailey at Canterbury

Glasfryn Projects: Events

"Information about the Hay Poetry Jamborees, the Glasfryn Seminars, readings and launches", a wide range of complex performance activities centred on Wales, occasionally venturing beyond, with the names Lyndon Davies, Graham Hartill, Penny Hallas and John Goodby linked with the overall enterprise Wales & beyond

Gramophone Ray Gun

"a 'live' series of events celebrating experimental approaches to writing, poetry and music. Alternating between the page, performance, sound and text, GRG is commissioned by The Dock Road Press." Liverpool


new reading/performance series hosted by Mark Jackson London

Hard Work

"Music poetry and performance", organised & hosted by Paul Ingram and Edward Shipsey — best source of info former's Facebook page London

Hi Zero!

"Poetry readings and Publications": long-lasting and important reading series, run by Joe Luna & Eleanor Careless Brighton

Iklectik Art Lab

primarily an innovative music venue, and through that putting on potentially interesting events for poets, and also used often as a poetry venue London

In Yer Ear

"A spoken word event featuring established and up-and-coming talent" London

Innovative Poetry Readings in London

the listings page I set up is now hosted by Birkbeck CPRC, and maintained largely by matt martin


"a large antichoir which includes many familiar faces from Sheffield's leftfield music, poetry and visual arts scene" directors: Martin Archer and Alan Halsey Sheffield antichoir

Klinker Club

"improvisation • right weird • pants • poetry • film • dance": Hugh Metcalfe's multimedia performance events, "London's leading forum for free improvisation and marginal music and performance" London

Locally Sourced London

"provides (mostly) local writers, musicians, poets, and storytellers with a place to perform and an appreciative West Hampstead audience." Including on occasion persons of interest to BIP; Will Lashley put as Team members on Facebook London


gives events, while The 'Locomotrix': Showcasing Poetry and Experimental Literature at Housmans on Housmans Blog describes its aims, team: Serena Braida & Christina at Housmans London

London Review Bookshop

Interesting names can appear here to talk or read London

London Cantos Reading Group

seminar series on Ol' Ez' London

London Radical Bookfair

organised by the Alliance of Radical Booksellers (ARB) for radical booksellers, publishers, artists and activists of all stripes, including some poetry publishers London

May Day Rooms Poetry Readings

organised by David Grundy London


"an experimental literature and new media organisation. We commission and produce new performance and digital work that engages with language in new ways." Run by Nathan Jones — commissioning agency & producer Liverpool and beyond


organised by Birkbeck's The Mechanics' Institute Review, Stephen Willey: Poetry Editor; Fran Lock: Guest Poetry Editor London

Modern Poetry in Translation

is what it says it is; editor: Clare Pollard, and runs events, eg readings London

Morden Tower

"the life of poetry": Jan 2015 or blog April 2013 but still occasional events at this historic venue in Newcastle-upon-Tyne

The National Poetry Library

hosts exhibitions, events and readings, as well as issuing information on readings & events nationally London (& beyond)

No Matter

bi-monthly poetic & performative experiments in Manchester

Non-normative Poetry Bookfair

"for presses publishing work that pushes through the boundaries of the normal, whether that's the sociopolitical normal, gender norms, or formal norms of poetry." 0rganised by Veer Books London bookfair


"multi-media readings, performance, and film" hosted by Khaled Hakim in London

Nottingham Poetry Series

supported by the University of Nottingham's School of English and Five Leaves Bookshop, Nottingham, & organised by Lila Matsumoto: seminars, reading group, and poetry performances Nottingham

Octavia Poetry Collective

London-based performance collective for women of colour, podcast on Europe; or on the founder, Rachel Long's blog

Pages of Hackney

bookshop also running occasional readings London

Parasol unit

"foundation for contemporary art": "not-for-profit art institution and educational charity that operates purely for the public benefit" based in an art gallery, with a constant interest also in poetry, giving reading & workshops; Ziba Ardalan is the Founder, Director and Curator London

The Peckham Pelican

"Arts venue, café & bar offering unfussy brews, food & booze since August 2013" & now a major venue for readings etc London

Peter Barlow's Cigarette

organised by Richard Barrett, Gareth Twose and Rachel Sills Manchester

Plymouth Language Club

Steve Spence is organiser Plymouth

Poet for Hire

"'How does it work?' 'You give me a title, I write you a poem, You pay what you think it's worth.'" Can be contacted via their agent, Sternberg Clarke Entertainment, or from Morbid Books' radically subversive website poets for hire anywhere?

Poet in the City

"an arts organisation which promotes a love of poetry to new audiences through live events, projects, commissions and participation" London

The Poetry Café

many readings held here, in the premises of The Poetry Society London

Poetry Emergency  Twitter logo

"a north west radical poetry festival" exploring emergency and liveness in radical poetic art Salford & Manchester

Poetry School

"the UK's largest provider of poetry education, a national arts organisation providing inspiring tuition and opportunities for poets and poetry audiences, founded in 1997 by poets Mimi Khalvati, Jane Duran and Pascale Petit"; well, if you need it and can afford it, there are some good poets running courses & workshops London & beyond

The Poettrio Experiment

;"AHRC-funded | Poetry translation in poet-advisor-poet trios: collaborative, cross-language and creative processes": Academic/poetic research into collaborative translation, running occasional events; a collaboration between Newcastle University and The University of Roehampton (London)

Poma Arts

"Community Arts and Not for Profit arts and literature development" from Shaun Belcher: workshops, graphics, scribing & projects Nottingham


with assistance from the Royal Holloway Poetics Research Centre and Humanities and Arts Research Institute Simon Pomery curates a series of text-sound events in London


"a monthly interdisciplinary spoken word, performance art and open mic event" managed by Jessica Tillings, connected with Edge Hill University Ormskirk, Lancs

Rich Mix

"East London's independent arts centre" hosts much slam-type "spoken word", but, crucially, is SJ Fowler's main venue in London for his events venue in London

Royal Holloway Poetics Research Centre

readings & seminars etc London/Egham, Surrey

Runnymede International Literary Festival

includes BIP events from Royal Holloway London/occasionally Egham, Surrey


"Reading and responding to the present through women's experimental writing" hosts an ongoing series of events, moving through various artistic, private, and cultural spaces, and is led by Georgina Colby and Susan Rudy range of events across London

The Shearsman Reading Series

Shearsman Press booklaunches — thank you, Tony Frazer London

Small Publishers Fair

book art etc as well as poetry, organised by Helen Mitchell, and includes readings London

SPLINTER Reading Series

"Semi-regular house reading series" linked to the magazine edited by Gizem Okulu and David Grundy London

States Of Independence: Independent Press Day

independent bookfair with readings, seminars, launches, bookstalls etc, with good poetry representation, and all free, from Five Leaves Bookshop, Nottingham and the Creative Writing Team at De Montfort University, Leicester Leicester

Storm & Golden Sky

organised by Michael Egan, Nathan Jones, Robert Sheppard and Eleanor Rees Liverpool

Sussex Poetry Festival

most recent event organised by Samuel Solomon, Joseph Luna, Keston Sutherland, and Natalia Cecire Brighton

TCR Poetry

at Waterstones London-Tottenham Court Road London

Tears in the Fence

organises a yearly festival in rural Dorset, with its wonderful range of contributors Stourpaine, Dorset

 Theatre of Failure

"is an irregular LGBTQ poetry night organised by JD Howse and Sarah Dawson. It is held upstairs at the Nell of Old Drury, a fabulous theatre pub near Covent Garden. We endeavour to provide a platform for LGBTQ poets creating experimental/innovative work, whatever that might mean to them. We enjoy surprises." Also @TheatreOFailure Twitter logo London

Torriano Meeting House

readings linked with Hearing Eye Press London

Uncut Poets

presented by Liz Adams and Alasdair Paterson Exeter

Vanguard Readings

"a platform for new writers & established authors to perform their work", organised by Richard Skinner London

Vital Signs

"will offer a creative playground for artists working across movement and creative writing; a rich programme of workshops, performances, readings and open labs will make space for creatives to share, connect, play and discover." Scott Thurston and Sarie Mairs Slee Salford & Manchester

 West London Poetry

hosted by Niall McDevitt at the Irish Cultural Centre, this new series is likely to have an interest in Irish Innovative Poetry London

Whisky and Beards Publishing

"an author favouring publishing house and media network located in the South East of England to represent, develop and encourage writers and artists", editor-in-chief: Connor Sandsby Kent and beyond

Words & Jazz

is venue events page but you'll get more info on its Facebook page; organised by Nicki Heinen at Vortex Jazz club London

Writers' Centre Kingston

"A literary cultural centre" in the energetic care of SJ Fowler Kingston-upon-Thames, London

Writers Forum

"A vital resource for poetry" and Writers Forum Information "ambition for the Poetry, not the poet", the blog of Writers Forum Workshop founded by Bob Cobbing, who passed its care onto Laurence Upton and Adrian Clarke, and still convened by Lawrence Upton (with Tina Bass) London writers workshop

Writers Forum Workshop—New Series

formed by many members of the above as a separate group, chaired by Antony John London writers workshop

Xing the Line

organised by Jeff Hilson, and my favourite reading series London

Zarf Magazine presents

Calum Gardner's excellent magazine also does readings Leeds (and occasionally elsewhere)


"is a collective of poets, readers and critics based in and hosting events around Canterbury, supported by the Centre for Modern Poetry at the University of Kent." Wide ranging reading series based at the University Canterbury

bookshops and booksellers (including online) &c

This section does need more suggestions — please tell me there are more bookshops out there!

Boekie Woekie

"the artist-run bookstore for books by artists in Amsterdam" run by Henriëtte van Egten, Rúna Thorkelsdóttir and Jan Voss, with a large online catalogue Amsterdam


"artists books and small press publications"; news of events etc on bookartbookblog: "The official blog of the bookartbookshop", bookshop run by Tanya Peixoto London

Burley Fisher Books

"Haggerston's independent bookshop" London

Calder Bookshop Theatre

Facebook page more reliable than its dubious website addresses for this "Performance art theatre · Book shop" founded by John Calder London

The Contemporary Small Press

"A site for small presses, writers, poets & readers . . . Click through to visit the small presses, check out their books, and buy directly from them" run by The Contemporary Small Press, run by Leigh Wilson and Georgina Colby

Enitharmon Press

gallery sells their books & artworks: high end — ring for entry!; director: Stephen Stuart-Smith London


"Photography; experimental art, design and writing": Julius Smit's online shop on Etsy, largely his own work I think

Five Leaves Bookshop

Nottingham's independent bookshop Nottingham


"London's premier radical bookshop" and now getting more involved with poetry London

Invisible Books

Paul Holman's second-hand book business, specialising in esoterica and poetry, with also Invisible Books' titles and others — these all on the website + some second-hand Brighton

London Review Bookshop

should have more smaller press material, but always worthwhile to visit (and eat!) London

Pages of Hackney

bookshop also running occasional readings London

West House Books

Alan Halsey & Geraldine Monk's magnificent online operation includes a major second-hand booklist of 20th/21st century British and American poetry, distribution for several small presses in this country and beyond, & their current publishing as Gargoyle Sheffield